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The island Rügen

Welcome to the island Rügen, the "heart-region" - a place of sunshine, clean air and wonder.

Rügen is situated in the northern rural district of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Without a doubt it is Germany’s best kept secret.

kreideA variety of landscapes await you, from picturesque sandy beaches and forests to sublime coastlines of steep rock and chalk. Spread over 974 kilometers, and with a population of just 78,000 Rügen is yours to discover. As a visitor we are pleased for you to visit our fashionable seaside resorts, health resorts, dreamy fishing villages, castles, mansions, or just take your time relaxing in Rügen’s virgin nature.

Rügen is made of a "heart-region" (named "Muttland") which is enclosed by other peninsulas, the biggest being Wittow, Jasmund and Mönchgut. Wittow is the most northern part of Rügen and is connected with Jasmund, in the east through the Schaabe, an arched headland.

Jasmund is connected with the heart-region through the Schmale Heide in the east. Mönchgut you can find in the southeast. Other peninsulas are Zudar in the south and Drigge in the southwest.

boddenAlso the islands Vilm, Libitz, Heuwiese, Liebes, Urkevitz, Mährens, Öhe, Gänsewerder and Beuchel just as the isle Ummanz, Putlitz and Altrügen connected with Rügen through a bridge or bank belong to the isle Rügen.

Inland waters with an opening to the sea, separate the north of Rügen almost completely from the left parts of the isle. The biggest of this inland waters are the "Grosse and Kleine Jasmunder Bodden". Wittow, Jasmund, Mönchgut and the heart-region have their own characteristic form. The peninsula Wittow with its chalk deep coast in the west is nearly unwooded; there are vast fields and spacious meadows without worth mentioning rises. Very different to Wittow is Jasmund, the peninsula in the northeast. There dominate the highlands like ranges of hills of the Stubnitz. The until 120 m high chalk reefs show you on the otherwise flat german Baltic Sea coast an unique and fantastic geophysical phenomenon. Zentral-Rügen with the city Bergen in its heart is beeing made out of a high wavy landscape of moraine.

Geographical data Size

  • Surface: 976 qkm (county Ruegen)

  • North – South – Expansion: 51,4 km

  • West – East – Expansion: 42,8 km

  • Highest Peak:  Piekberg (Stubnitz) , 161m

Islands of Ruegen

  • West-Ruegen: Hiddensee with ferry island, Ummanz, Liebitz, Heuwiese, Öhe, Liebes, Urkevitz, Beuchel                       

  • South – East – Ruegen: Vilm

  • South – Ruegen: Tollow

Peninsulas of Ruegen

  • South – East – Ruegen: Mönchgut

  • South – Ruegen: Zudar, Drigge, Glewitzer Ort

  • North – East – Ruegen: Jasmund

  • North – Rügen: Wittow, Bug

  • Central – Ruegen: Pulitz


  • Central – Ruegen: City Bergen, Buschvitz, Parchtitz, Patzig, Ralswiek, Rappin, Sehlen, Thesenvitz, Zirow

  • Peninsula Jasmund: Glowe, Lietzow, Lohme, Sagard, Sassnitz

  • Wittow : Altenkirchen, Breege, Putgarten, Dranske, Wiek

  • South – East – Ruegen: Seaside Resort Binz, Gager, Lancken – Granitz, Middlhagen, Seaside Resort Baabe, Seaside Resort Sellin, Seaside Resort Göhren, Seaside Resort Thiessow

  • West-Ruegen: Gingst, Kluis, Neuenkirchen, Schaprode, Ummanz, Trent

  • South – West –Ruegen: Altefähr, Rambin, Samtens

  • South –Ruegen: Dreschvitz, Garz, Gustow, Karnitz, Poseritz, Putbus, Peninsula Zudar

  • Peninsula Hiddensee

Inhabitants & Municipalities

  • Nearly 74.000 inhabitants ( 4 cities, 39 communities)


  • County town: Bergen at Ruegen ( nearly 15.000 inhabitants)

Seaside Resorts: Over half of the municipalities are as tourist places nationally recognized, among them according to health resort law: 7 seaside resorts and 6 resorts.